Derek Dufresne’s Fleshworks Tattoo Studio is the most highly publicized tattoo studio in Canada. Located in Victoria, BC since 1999.  The studio, and its artists, have had hundreds of tattoo photos published and have had numerous feature interviews in most major international tattoo magazines. They are consistently published in many tattoo magazines each and every month. As well as front page news and photos, and other stories in our biggest local newspapers, tv and other local news.

The artists have been awarded numerous awards for their tattooing and artwork at tattoo conventions across Canada and the US.

Fleshworks was awarded the "Nicest Tattoo Studio" award by the National Tattoo Association 2 years in a row!

Victoria and Vancouver Island’s premier tattoo and body piercing studio.

The artists at Fleshworks have a solid reputation for providing beautiful custom tattoos and precision body piercing in a sterile, private, relaxing and comfortable environment.

Fleshworks Tattoo Studio is Victoria and Vancouver Island’s premier tattoo and body piercing studio. Being located a few blocks from downtown Victoria, makes Fleshworks a destination studio. One people seek out for the amazing custom artwork the artists are producing here. Many of their clients traveling from out of province and from the US and abroad.

A store front "street shop" with a private studio atmosphere. Designed to make the clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Some of the highlights here include, a pond right in the front room as you walk in, filled with beautiful Koi fish.  A wide screen plasma tv with satellite and surround sound for clients to watch movies while getting tattooed. Also, a pumping cd/ mp3 stereo system, Wii system for wireless gaming, a huge dvd library and water falls.

The artists here have had work published and/or been featured in the following publications

 Skin & Ink
International Tattoo Art
Tattoos For Men
Tattoos For Women
Skin Art
Tattoo Revue
Beautifully Tattooed Women
Tabu Tattoo
Tatuajes (Mexico)
Tatuarte (Mexico)
Skin Shots (UK)
Tattoo Savage
Tattoo Flash
Tattoo Life
Tattoo Energy
Total Tattoo (UK)
   Tattoo Society
Skin Deep (UK)
Tattoo Spirit (Germany)
Tatouage (France)
Absolute Underground
Tattz (Australia)
Tattoo Art Magazine (Turkey)
Tattoo Collection (Italy)
Global News
CH channel
Shaw TV
Victoria News (local)
Monday Magazine (local)
Times Colonist (local)
Calgary Sun
Finland Television
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